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We have created an inviting, friendly, supportive culture where you will often find members dancing around or tapping their toes to our upbeat and positive music.  The vibe and energy of our space is spirit lifting, mind invigorating, and body energizing.  Our environment of hospitality is founded by our ownership, management, and staff's engagement, enthusiasm, and vested interest in the success and positive experience of all our members and guests.  Here you won't find any "gym-intimidation"; we are a true "judgment-free" space were you can feel comfortable, safe, supported, and honored.  


We celebrate "fun sock Fridays" and encourage our members and staff to proudly wear their fun socks symbolizing their individuality, liberty, and joy, with a pinch of healthy rebelliousness sprinkled in the mix.  No matter if you have Star Wars, dinosaur, Transformers, or holiday socks, we want to celebrate fun sock Friday in style with you!  We will be adding more fun weekly themes soon.    

Checkout our "Reviews" page to see what others are saying about us.


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