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David MaretHouse, CEO & Founder of MaretHouse Fitness Boutique Club, is a 24-year veteran of the fitness and personal training industry.  David has gone from being a full-time career trainer for years, to owning his own award-winning personal training company, serving as the Regional Fitness Director for Aerofit, and serving as Vice President for Ultra Body Fitness. After over 2 decades in the fitness industry, David took an enormous leap of faith and left the corporate arena altogether after recognizing a striking and unsettling lack of passion, purpose, and integrity in the fitness industry as a whole. David has dedicated himself to take his passion, experience, and unique style and approach to the next level, and provide his local community with a better option; a fitness destination and solution, founded on integrity, honesty, passion, purpose, and love, that exceeds current consumer needs, desires, and expectations, while focusing on what is most important: the mission, the people, and the community impact.

David's experience in the fitness industry:

  • MaretHouse Fitness Boutique Club Owner (2018 - present)

  • Ultra Body Fitness Vice President (2017 - 2018)

  •  Aerofit Regional Fitness Director (2014 - 2017)

  •  MaretHouse Fitness Owner (2005 - 2013)

  • Personal Trainer (1999 - present)

David's recognition in the fitness industry:

  • Eagles Choice Award:

    •  Best Personal Trainer (12, 13, & 17)

  • Best of the Brazos:

    • Best Personal Trainer (12 & 13)

    • Best Personal Training Services (15 & 16)

*last to receive each award as both categories were each dissolved the succeeding year  

To further charge David’s resolve, his beloved mother, whom he cherished and adored, became terminally ill with advanced lung cancer in 2017.  For months he cared for her until the time of her transience, and while under hospice care in his home, she peacefully passed in his arms and embrace on September 3rd, 2017.  Just prior to her passing while she could still communicate, after signaling David with a hand gesture to lean towards her, she gently and softly whispered in David’s ear “Son, start your business and write your book”.  Those were the last spoken words he would ever hear from his mother.  She knew of his immeasurable passion to help others through fitness and encouragement, and she believed in his purpose, ability, and capacity more than he often did himself.  David dedicates this business, mission, and resolve to his beloved mother (along with his cherished father who has believed in and supported David every step of the way, and all those that have been, and have yet to be, impacted by his mission, vision, and resolve).  David’s resolute to fulfill his mother’s last wishes, fused with his fervent passion and dedication to make a difference in the world and to leave a legacy of “impactability”, create an unmatched power of determination and tenacity; this is David’s “why”, and his “how” is pragmatically, specifically, and meticulously detailed in the foundation, operations, values, and structure of the MaretHouse Fitness Boutique Club. 

This business and mission are dedicated in loving memory to

Dr. Elizabeth Gardner Maret (a.k.a. Doc) 


11/09/1943 - 09/03/2017

"Thank you for everything Mom" -Your loving son


MaretHouse Fitness Boutique Club


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