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Our training has earned the trust of both local medical and business professionals across the Brazos Valley.  Our CEO & Founder, David MaretHouse, has received the recognition of "Best Personal Trainer in the Brazos Valley" numerous times in both Bryan Broadcasting's Best of the Brazos and the Eagle's Choice Awards Ballots. Additionally, while David was serving as the Regional Fitness Director of Aerofit (the largest former local fitness club chain), they, for the first time in their years of serving their community, were voted as having the best personal training services in the area in the Bryan Broadcasting’s Best of the Brazos Ballot, due greatly to David’s servant leadership and infrastructure contributions (2015 & 2016).  Aerofit was the last business to ever receive such recognition with that category being dissolved in 2017.​

Every Personal Fitness & Well-being Trainer on staff has extensive industry experience, has acquired nationally recognized third-party accredited personal training certifications, and has  gone through additional extensive in-house development.  Yes, all that stuff is important; however, what's most important is that each MaretHouse Fitness Boutique Club Personal Fitness & Well-being Trainer possesses spectacular enthusiasm, compassion, a deep thirst for knowledge, and an innate and fervent desire to help, motivate, and guide others to live out their lives enriched, empowered, liberated, and to their fullest!

We have an extensive variety of personal fitness & well-being training packages for members that elect to participate in ongoing training.  No matter what package a member may choose, full support and guidance are offered.  We custom design programs for each member and provide instruction, direction, support, accountability, and workouts for when clients are doing their supplemental workouts on their own.  We use Google Sheets which allows us the ability to seamlessly and efficiently edit client programs, have clients impute and track their progress when on their own, and even run individual program statistics allowing us to objectively track and share historical program progress.


We are the only fitness/health club in the area that provides such robust and premier one-on-one personal fitness & well-being training services. There is a reason we have humbly earned such a high level of regard, trust, and reverence from our community, and we are excited and honored to have the potential to also earn your trust as we share our extreme passion and unmatched expertise with you.    



Our Fit-Start Program is a complementary fitness package uniquely developed by David and his amazing team. Provided by our professional Personal Fitness & Well-being Training Staff, our Fit-Start Program is used to ensure your success and safety; this is our way to ensure that you begin and maintain a safe, effective, and efficient workout program that specifically correlates with your unique and individual needs and goals.


Our Fit-Start Program is comprised of an initial 60-min session/discovery consultation and two 45-min sessions with one of our Professional Personal Fitness & Well-being Trainers.  


Day 1: 

Your first Fit-Start session is comprised of an initial consultation where your trainer and you will get to know one another. Your trainer will consult with you regarding your goals, motivations, medical history, and exercise history. Following your initial consultation, you will begin the first half of our in-depth movement screen and analysis where your movement patterns will be evaluated to identify any potential bio-mechanical movement biases and/or strength, flexibility, or balance disparities.  Our comprehensive movement screen is vital to ensure that the foundation of your exercise program is tailored to fit you and the way your body moves while also screening for contraindicated movement patterns that can be identified and corrected. Our movement screen also serves as an initial workout to safely begin your body’s acclimation process to our custom-tailored exercise programs, and to assess your individual exertion ranges. 


Day 2:

Your second Fit-Start session is comprised of a research validated and insightful education presentation where your trainer will teach you how certain fitness and lifestyle variables will impact your long-term fitness and wellness success.  Our education presentation also aids in dispelling many widely adopted misconceptions and faulty notions about exercise, fitness, and well-being.  Succeeding your education presentation, you will be guided through the second half of our comprehensive in-house movement screen and analysis.  

Day 3:    

Your third Fit-Start session is comprised of your Personal Fitness & Well-being Trainer showing you how to use our fitness equipment and how to facilitate, track, and progress a workout program that will correlate with your goals and needs as assessed and determined by your movement analysis and initial fitness consultation.    


What to bring:

  • Close-toed athletic shoes

  • Athletic clothing

  • An appetite for celebration, fun, and movement


*We will provide the rest!  ;-)

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