“Don't settle for less than the Blessed.”

Doc Maret

We have cultivated a space of synergy specifically designed to energize, inspire, motivate, and rejuvenate our members.  The bright colors of our walls, aroma from our commercial grade atomizing essential oil diffuser, fun and upbeat music resonating from our premier audio sound system, facility lighting & illumination, wide assortment of air purifying plants, enthusiastic staff, and concierge style services, all work in tandem to offer the very best celebratory experience for our members.   

Our club is always nice and cool while our commercial grade ceiling fans, found throughout the facility, provide a pleasant and constant air flow.   Additionally, we are always clean, organized, and sanitized.  We are constantly tidying up our space and we encourage our members to wipe down equipment after use.  We have sanitation stations, that all members can conveniently use, located throughout the facility containing paper towel dispensers and stainless steel spray bottles filled with a mix of organic disinfecting essential oils and distilled water.    

Overall - MaretHouse Fitness Boutique Club contains superior fitness equipment that you simply will not find in any local big box gym or group fitness studio.  Our attention to detail and selection of premier commercial strength and cardio equipment is unmatched.  Each piece of equipment has been “cherry picked” (over $300,000 worth of equipment fills our premier space) based on utility, functionality, safety, effectiveness, and biomechanical soundness, and their arrangement has been meticulously labored over to ensure maximal quality, comfort, effectiveness, safety, utilization, and efficiency.  The mass majority of our equipment has an upgraded carbon fiber vinyl upholstery giving both a superior finish and durability to our equipment.  Our selection of equipment exceed 30 brands including American Barbell, Arsenal, Atlantis, Body Masters, CAP Barbell, CEMCO, CGS Select, Concept2, Cybex, Denali, First Place, GP Industries, Hoist, Legend Fitness, Life Fitness, Marpo, Matrix, Muscle D, Nautilus, Perform Better, Precor, Quantum, Rogue, Schwinn, StairMaster, TRX, and VersaClimber.    


We understand that having the best equipment in town doesn't really matter if our members don't know how to use it.  We show all interested members how to use our equipment and we always have knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff ready and waiting to answer any questions.  

Cardio & H.I.I.T. equipment - We have the most diverse and robust cardio and H.I.I.T. training equipment in the area with 17 unique options to choose from.  We also have cardio options for those that can not use their legs due to surgery, injury, or nerve damage/complications.  The majority of our cardio equipment all have the most luxurious features including individual T.V. access and cooling fan vents integrated into the monitors.  Our state-of-the-art treadmills are Wi-Fi connected allowing seamless access to features such as Netflix, web browsing, HULU, YouTube, and a multitude of virtual hikes around different parts of the world.  If you forget your headphones, not to worry; we have headphones in stock ready for any member that is ready to catch up on the news or finish a Netflix movie.   

Dedicated stretching area - Our dedicated stretching area consists of thick 1.25" high-density foam wrapped in a 21 oz. durable vinyl (no cheap and thin mats here).  We also have an elevated stretching platform, with the same durability and comfort of our floor mats, to satisfy those that would rather not get up and down off the ground.  The elevated stretching platform is also helpful for our Personal Fitness and Well-being Trainers while performing assisted stretching/mobility work with their clients.

Indoor turf track - A gym simply is not complete without a stretch of turf somewhere in it for sled work, plyometric movements, and agility work.  Our turf track is located in the center of our facility and is a generous 4 ft. wide and 60 ft. long allowing for effective and seamless agility, power, speed, or circuit/H.I.I.T. training.

Selectorized equipment - We have 18 individual pieces of selectorized strength equipment that can work the entire body with the ease of simply pin-selecting your desired resistance and seat positions.  For those looking for an easy to follow and time efficient strength program, this is the best option.  

Plate loaded equipment, free weights, & benches - We have 6,964 lbs. in urethane plates and dumbbells alone.  Our plate loaded equipment is the very best in the market and has features never seen by most.  Our Arsenal Bilateral Leg Press, Arsenal Reloaded Power Squat, Matrix Breaker Bench & Incline presses, Rogue Olympic platform with band-pegs, Precor Half Rack, and Nautilus Glute Drive are elite examples of our superior equipment selection and attention to detail that just is not found in any "big-box-gym" or group fitness studio.  Additionally, our elite Olympic barbells all have colorful and corrosion resistant cerakote finishes and are each "styled" for their utility (e.g. squat bar, dead lift, bench press, etc.).  Our barbells were selected based on their whip, spin, diameter, knurling pattern and configuration, knurl rings, and tensile strength.


Core equipment - We have 5 dedicated core stations, not including our dedicated stretching area or hanging leg-raise straps, that are industry leading and multi-functional.  No matter if you are wanting to strengthen your rectus abdominus, transverse abdominals, obliques, or spinal erectors, we have you fully covered.   

Fitness ropes station - No more tying fitness ropes to a bench or kettle bell as often found in gym settings; we have a dedicated fitness rope station, with three different rope sizes to accommodate all users, with quick connect/release hardware and straps already in place.  Fitness ropes are fantastic for H.I.I.T. training, cardio training, and power training without any impact on joints whatsoever.   

Suspension training station - Our custom suspension training station is spaced in accordance with official gymnastics spacing.  We also have an array of quick connect options such as rings, a TRX Duo Trainer, and adjustable straight handles.  Additionally, we have hanging leg raise straps and TRX suspension straps that can be attached to any of our 5 pull-up stations.     

Accessories - We have the most robust and dynamic assortment of accessories in the area.  Our members have access to a multitude of jump ropes, foam rollers, stability balls, non-rebound medicine balls, kettle bells, a Bosu Balance Trainer Elite,  a high density foam plyo box set, stretching rods, Thera-Bands, a power sled with multiple attachments, variable resistance training bands, and any cable attachment imaginable.  We are always on the lookout for new and innovative accessories and attachments to add to our plethora of accessory options.

We provide our members with a fully stocked organic coffee, tea, and fruit bar daily.  Our award winning organic Honduran coffee is ground in-house every day to ensure the highest quality and freshness.  We have a multitude of organic creamer and sweetener options for our members to choose from.  We have six organic tea options and our fresh fruit is always stocked for our members' enjoyment.    

We provide our members with complementary towel services daily.  We have two workout towel sizes to choose from as well and shower towels for members that like to take advantage of our luxurious shower facilities.  

Our shower rooms are fully stocked for our members.  We provide high-quality towels, organic plant based body wash, face wash, shampoo, and conditioner.  Space heaters, fans, and hair dryers are also available in our shower rooms for our members to use and enjoy.  


Voted "Best Personal Trainer/Best Personal Training Services"

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