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This is absolutely the BEST gym in the area!!! Stop in today and get started on YOUR BEST LIFE! You'll feel like family the minute you walk through the door!   



MaretHouse Fitness Boutique Club is so much more than a gym. The experience is truly boutique. The ownership and staff know your name, are very customer service driven and truly care about your personal fitness and well-being. The equipment is second to none. The space is spotless and meticulously maintained. If you are looking for a top-notch training experience or simply an immaculate place for your workout with the best weights and machines in B/CS, look no further. MaretHouse Fitness Boutique Club is the place. Give it a try. You will be impressed!    



This gym is by far the best place, you feel comfortable and all the staff are very nice and will answer any questions you may have. Let's start off by noticing the smell, there's essential oil diffusers everywhere making it smell good. David and Payton (owners) are fantastic. I definitely recommend going here.  



I love the inviting & friendly atmosphere! Don’t forget about the awesome coffee bar too!!   



Everyone is treated with respect, brand new state of the art equipment, pleasant atmosphere and run by two wonderful people!!   



Absolutely the best facility in B/CS!   



I’ve been a member of multiple gyms here in College Station since 1989. “I’ve tried them all,” as I like to say. After the closing of Aggieland Fitness Dome, I felt it was going to be impossible to find a great “we treat you like family” atmosphere to continue to work out in. After visiting/trying a few of the newer gyms in town, I decided to just work out in my garage. As the temperatures started rising, I went back on the hunt for a gym that felt right...and that’s when I tried MaretHouse Fitness. It has the best quality and variety of equipment, and the most knowledgeable and friendly staff. No detail has been overlooked, and you’ll notice that the moment you walk in the door. The sound and smell awake the senses like no other gym and gets you in the mood to sweat. The constant support and attentiveness from the staff are a welcome change from the big-box gyms. And the member perks, such as fresh-ground coffee and complementary towels, make a person feel like they’re being valued in a way no other gym can compare to. Try it— you won’t regret it.   



I love going to this gym. everything is top notch, especially the people!   



Fabulous training Club fun and family atmosphere.   



We love MaretHouse Fitness Boutique! If you want the best equipment in the Brazos Valley, and a beautiful, empowering and supportive environment, come here! 



come see for yourself.... they are awesome! 



YOU MATTER! And they make sure you know it! 



Absolutely love MaretHouse Fitness! The atmosphere is awesome, and the staff are all amazing. It's great to walk into a gym and get welcomed by the staff like you're family!   




David, Payton and the entire team are very knowledgeable and friendly. They’re focused on customer service, health and fitness for all who are part of their fitness family. The facility and equipment are outstanding. It had been a great month for my husband and I... getting and staying healthy is a top priority for us.   



Absolutely the best fitness facility in College Station. The atmosphere is one of a kind.   



I had a wonderful experience and would go back. If you haven’t gone... GO! Great equipment and great service.   



I have been to a fair number of gyms and this is by far the best equipped gym I have ever visited. The equipment is second to none. Every piece of equipment is selected with a great deal of practicality and intelligence. The equipment layout is also optimized for circuits and super-sets.

The gym is spotless and super clean. For example, the showers/restrooms are like those of a very well-kept home, not a gym. The A/C system and air quality is really kept top-notch to prevent that all too familiar gym odor (also, there is an essential oil diffuser).


Additionally, the staff is exceptional—they really go above and beyond and care about their members. The information staff have presented to me have been what I have personally read from professional studies: science, not hype. If you are looking to get into fitness or a serious professional, I cannot think of a better place to start, or perfect, your fitness journey/goals. The environment is extremely positive and welcoming: It is about all-around health and well-being first!

I would recommend everyone stop by for at least a tour since it is actually very difficult to convey how awesome this gym, its staff, and equipment are. The value for membership is amazing! It is not much more than a bargain gym and you get a boutique gym experience!


More Detail:

The equipment is just amazing. It is really cherry-picked for the best of what different companies have to offer. Machines are over-engineered for serious use and are user-friendly/intuitive. Staff have also been extremely helpful to show me features of machines I did not know about. Most every machine is carbon-fiber padded and it makes a difference versus traditional padding.

The barbells are the best I have ever personally used: The grip-patterns do not dig into your hands but provide a great deal of control. There are just so many super detail-oriented items that make for a great experience. For example, the bench press’ bench has a fall away rack to avoid unnecessary stress when un-racking the weights.


There is about every type of cable machine grip one can think of and some I discovered for the first time. If cardio is an integral part of your program, this place has amazing treadmills that connect to the internet and allow you to watch television. Again, one really needs to tour the facility to understand the superb attention to detail and equipment selection.

I also have experienced personal training sessions. My trainer was/is very knowledgeable. There is a huge focus on from and biomechanics. Most importantly, programs/recommendations are tailored to the individual given their own fitness/health history. Pricing/scheduling is also very flexible and affordable, in my opinion.


They also offer free coffee and fruit for before/after working out.   



When I first entered this gym, I was pleasantly surprised by the bright colors, pleasant fragrance, and the friendliness of the owner, David. Now, what really got me was the equipment. There are more than two dozen different brands--not just a standard gym package! Once I saw the Nautilus, I knew I had to join. I have now been coming regularly, and I love it just as much as the very first moment I came here. The staff is incredibly friendly, it is kept extremely clean, and there is free coffee/tea/fruit. For everything it offers, this gym is an incredible value. Having been a member of various gyms (and across different states) for over a decade, I can say, hands down, this is the best gym I have ever been to!




Great atmosphere! Loved the colors and the staff! Will definitely be coming back!   



Aptly named- it is a boutique in the best sense of the word:  it is small and focused, very clean, everyone knows your name, training is highly personalized, cute decorations, good music, and fruit, tea, and coffee.   



I have to say this gym blew my experience out of the water compared to any gyms I've attended so far. Amazing at how incredibly clean it looked & smelled. Since I have OCD, not a lot of places can be so pleasing to the eye but not only were the walls colorfully painted also plants were placed generously throughout the gym which I absolutely loved. Felt the clean air. I'm all about the healthy life and it was super nice to take a breather with my sister in law and drink some stress relieving tea & snack on fruit. Clean, refreshing water refills, locker space, the windows in the afternoon when the suns going down were bomb. I'm awkward about working out around others, or with others but they really gave me my space and were still very helpful, I appreciated that so much. I just adore the atmosphere here, I'll definitely be coming back.



I have been going here for two months now and I have to say I love this club.  The staff is friendly and helpful, from the owners to the front desk associate.  The facilities are clean and safe and there is an abundance of new, very high-end equipment.  I think the most important part is that everyone feels comfortable here.


I drove by with some friends and pointed it out and they kind of snickered at the “boutique” in the name, but I set them straight...  this is not some dirty and sweat smelling adrenaline club and it is not a pinked-out Barbie gym.  It is a very clean, styled environment with the best equipment and a well-trained attentive staff that makes everyone feel welcome and will help you feel better. 



This place is a gem! This is, by far, the nicest gym experience I have ever had (and I have been to many gyms). As others have commented, the first thing that you notice when you walk in is the smell--because of the essential oil diffuser there is no sweaty gym smell. Then, you get greeted by really friendly staff.


Now, the equipment is what really stands out. The treadmills have access to Netflix and Hulu. There is a yoga wall. The strength training equipment is literally a bodybuilder's/power-lifter's dream. These machines were cherry picked, and it shows. There are rock attachments on the assisted pull up machine. There is a Nautilus to do hip thrusts which is angled away from the rest of the gym. Another piece was imported from Canada. Many machines move with you biomechanically.


The owner, David, really did an amazing job building one of the best gyms around. Also, there is a really friendly atmosphere in this gym. The walls are bright, the music is nice and there is even complementary water/organic coffee/fruit.


In short, if you want a great HIIT, LISS, strength training, or any other workout, this is the place in the BCS area. The price point is also extremely affordable. Highly, highly recommended.   



Great selection of new equipment; Amazing fitness trainers; The owners have such a passion and energy for what they do. Highly recommend!




The first thing you notice when you walk in is how incredible the place smells. Odd way to begin a review on a gym but go for yourself and you'll understand.


The facility is beautiful, the atmosphere is amazing, and the owner, David, has handpicked some exceptional pieces of equipment.


The team there is all about creating a positive environment for individuals to better themselves. Whatever your goal, they will help you work towards it. If you're tired of being a member at a corporate gym where they don't even know your name and want to feel like you're part of a family, go check them out.   



David and his team do a great job of making everybody feel welcome when they come in, and the whole gym is a really nice environment. All of the equipment is brand new and everything is always kept spotless. There’s tons of equipment to choose from, and they have just about everything you can think of, whether you’re looking for a cardio or strength training workout, or anything in between.



Came here opening day and have been here every day since! Fantastic environment to exercise. David has given me pointers to reach my lofty goals within my time frames. I like that gym selfies (without permission) are discouraged so I don’t have to worry about looking ridiculous in the background of someone else’s pictures.


The equipment is top of the line and there are plenty of options.


(I still hate cardio)   



MaretHouse Fitness is a place where anyone can feel comfortable working out. The staff is knowledgeable and go out of their way to make their members feel comfortable. The selection of equipment and layout of the workout area speak volumes about the owner's passion for exercise and customer service. Many of the machines can be modified for isolateral movement, and if you are unsure what that means the staff will be happy to demonstrate. And I should add that a wide variety of machines exist. Finally, there is an area for stretching that provides privacy.


I appreciate the absence of a hard sales approach. The gym lists the price of membership on its website, and provides a one week trial period for new members. Staff use natural cleaning products, so members need not worry of strong offensive fragrances. And the coffee and tea provided to members are delicious.



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